American Football Passer Rating (NCAA) Calculator

This American Football Passer Rating Calculator is based on the NCAA passing efficiency formula and is designed to measure the performance of quarterbacks (and other passers) in American Football.

American Football Passer Rating Calculator
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American Football NCAA Passer Rating Calculator: Images showing NCAA Passer Rating and passing efficiency formula

What is the NCAA passing efficiency formula?

In the NCAA, passing efficiency (passer rating) is based on a specific players past performance, the formula in NCAA is:

( (8.4 * PY) + (330 * TP) + (100 * C) - (200 * I) ) / PA


  • PY = Passing Yards
  • TP = Touchdown Passes
  • C = Completions
  • I = Interceptions
  • PA = Passing Attempts

You can calculate your passer rating manually but we think our NCAA American Football Passer Rating Calculator makes life that little bit easier, particularly when you have enough math already with your college work

What is the NCAA?

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is an organization that works with college students to achieve to the best of their ability within the classroom and on the field. The NCAA hosts and runs championships for student athletes as well as creating programs and visiting colleges where they encourage and provide an inclusive experience for student athletes.

The NCAA also provide $2.7 billion in scholarships in athletic scholarships each year creating access to medical care and special training opportunities, creating a higher chance for NCAA student athletes to graduate than others.

These student athletes consistently must work hard during the year to be with a chance of qualifying to compete for the NCAA championships which creates huge opportunities for budding student athletes.

American Football Scholarships

When it comes to college sports, American Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in spectator terms with TV ratings of important NCAA games higher than those of any other sport. Given its popularity, American Football is one of the main sources of income for most universities with large sums being earned from game attendance and tv coverage as well as through the sales of associated sports clothing and merchandise. This revenue stream means that American Football scholarships opportunities are higher than normal. A student with sufficient GPA or SAT/ACT score has a good chance of securing an American Football Scholarship but it is not just about the game, study is important too though clearly exceptional players are attractive as winning teams attract more tv coverage, larger following and sell more football merchandise.

Did you know that it is a mandatory rule in the NFL that all players must have attended and played college football for at least 3 years before qualifying to play in the NFL? So, an American Football Scholarship not only provides tuition costs, it also facilitates the necessary step into the NFL for those who aim to play pro American Football in the NFL. So, the NCAA league is a key step to long term success and clearly study forms a key part of that success journey. This American Football Passer Rating Calculator for the NCAA is designed to allow you to keep track of your passer rating in NCAA games. The aim being to allow you to regularly calculate your current passer rating (or quarterback rating as it is sometimes known) and allow student athletes to see where they are exceeding and struggling to allow changes to training programs to increase pass efficiency. A good pass efficiency is a key when making the step from College Football to Pro American Football.

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