American Football Passer Rating Calculator (NFL and CFL)

When it comes to evaluating the performance of quarterbacks in American football, the passer rating is a crucial metric that provides insight into their effectiveness on the field. The passer rating system, used in both the National Football League (NFL) and the Canadian Football League (CFL), takes into account various statistical factors to determine a quarterback's overall performance. This article will delve into the details of the passer rating formula and introduce an interactive calculator to help you determine the passer rating for any quarterback.

Understanding the Passer Rating Formula

The passer rating formula is a complex equation that considers a quarterback's completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage, and interception percentage. These factors are combined to calculate a passer rating, which provides a numerical value representing a quarterback's efficiency.

Passer Rating Formula:
Passer Rating = ((a + b + c + d) / 6) * 100

The four components of the formula are:

  • a - Completion Percentage Factor
    a = ((Completions / Attempts) - 0.3) * 5
  • b - Yards per Attempt Factor
    b = ((Yards / Attempts) - 3) * 0.25
  • c - Touchdown Percentage Factor
    c = (Touchdowns / Attempts) * 20
  • d - Interception Percentage Factor
    d = 2.375 - ((Interceptions / Attempts) * 25)

Using the Passer Rating Calculator

Calculating a passer rating manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. To simplify this process, we have created an interactive passer rating calculator below:

American Football Passer Rating Calculator
American Football Passer Rating (NFL and CFL) Calculator Results
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Interpreting the Passer Rating

The passer rating is a value between 0 and 158.3. A higher passer rating indicates a more efficient and effective quarterback performance. Here's how to interpret the rating:

  • Rating of 158.3: This is the highest achievable passer rating and represents a perfect performance.
  • Rating above 100: An excellent passer rating, indicating a highly productive and skilled quarterback.
  • Rating between 90 and 100: A very good passer rating, suggesting a quarterback who consistently performs well.
  • Rating between 80 and 90: A solid passer rating, showcasing a competent quarterback.
  • Rating below 80: A below-average passer rating, indicating room for improvement in various aspects of the quarterback's performance.


The passer rating is a comprehensive metric that quantifies a quarterback's performance in American football. By considering completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage, and interception percentage, the passer rating provides valuable insights into a quarterback's efficiency and effectiveness. Use our interactive calculator to quickly determine the passer rating for any quarterback, saving time and eliminating manual calculation errors. Understanding and analyzing passer ratings can assist fans, coaches, and analysts in evaluating quarterback performances and comparing players across seasons and leagues.

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