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In the world of basketball analytics, the effective field goal percentage stands out as a potent metric in evaluating a player's shooting performance. It adjusts the traditional field goal percentage to account for the extra value of a three-point shot, thus providing a more accurate reflection of a player's scoring efficiency. This tutorial offers an insight into the discipline of calculating effective field goal percentage, its formula, fascinating trivia, and real-life applications.

Basketball Effective Field Goal (EFG) Calculator
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Interesting Facts About Basketball Effective Field Goal Percentage

The effective field goal percentage (eFG%) revolutionized basketball statistics by quantifying the added value of three-pointers, thus altering the perspective on player efficiency. A higher eFG% signifies more proficient scoring abilities.

Notably, Steve Kerr, an NBA player turned coach, holds the record for the highest career eFG% in NBA history at 54.5%, which is a testament to his exceptional shooting accuracy.

The Formula for Calculating Effective Field Goal Percentage

The formula for calculating eFG% is the sum of field goals made plus 0.5 times three-point field goals made, divided by total field goals attempted, all multiplied by 100. The extra weight given to three-pointers reflects their higher scoring value.

eFG% = ((Field Goals Made + 0.5 × Three-Point Field Goals Made) / Total Field Goals Attempted) × 100

Applying the Effective Field Goal Percentage Formula in Real Life

To illustrate the real-life use of this formula, let's consider a hypothetical player, Player C. Suppose Player C made 300 field goals during a season, including 100 three-point field goals, out of 700 total field goal attempts. The calculation would be as follows:

eFG% = ((300 + 0.5 × 100) / 700) × 100 = 57.14%

This shows that Player C's shooting performance is quite efficient, with an eFG% of 57.14%. Such impressive stats could lead to better contract offers, maybe an impressive $7 million contract, owing to their contribution to the team's scoring.

Understanding the effective field goal percentage is essential in the analysis of basketball performance. It gives players, coaches, and analysts a more nuanced view of a player's shooting efficiency, going beyond traditional stats to account for the strategic value of three-pointers.

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