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True Shooting Percentage, often abbreviated as TS%, is a crucial statistic in basketball that helps evaluate a player's shooting efficiency. Unlike traditional shooting metrics, TS% takes into account two-point field goals, three-point field goals, and free throws, thereby providing a more holistic view of a player's shooting prowess. This tutorial will guide you through the understanding of True Shooting Percentage, how to calculate it, and its practical implications in basketball.

Basketball True Shooting Percentage Calculator
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Understanding True Shooting Percentage

TS% is a measure of shooting efficiency that is adjusted for the value of three-point field goals and free throws. By incorporating these additional elements, it provides a more nuanced understanding of a player's scoring ability than traditional shooting percentages.

The Formula

The formula for True Shooting Percentage is as follows:

TS% = Total Points / (2 × (Field Goal Attempts + 0.44 × Free Throw Attempts))

The factor of 0.44 in the formula is used to approximate the number of free throw attempts that are part of and-one situations, technical free throw attempts, or flagrant foul free throw attempts.

Applying the Formula in Real Life

Suppose a player scores 30 points in a game, taking 20 field goal attempts and 10 free throw attempts. Applying the formula, their TS% would be calculated as follows:

TS% = 30 / (2 × (20 + 0.44 × 10)) = 60%

Therefore, the player's True Shooting Percentage in this game is 60%.

Key Achievements

One player who has excelled in TS% is the NBA player Stephen Curry. Known for his exceptional shooting skills, particularly beyond the three-point line, Curry's ability to score efficiently from all areas of the court has made him one of the best shooters in basketball history. In the 2015-16 NBA season, Curry achieved a remarkable TS% of 66.9% while leading the league in scoring, underlining his extraordinary shooting efficiency.

By understanding True Shooting Percentage and how it is calculated, we can gain a more comprehensive view of a player's shooting efficiency. This metric is valuable for players, coaches, and analysts to evaluate performance and develop strategies.

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