Sports Stopwatch and Lap Time Calculator

The online Stopwatch and Lap Time calculator allows you to record specific lap times and the duration of an active its or sport. The stopwatch calculator is designed with simplicity in mind, simply press start to start the stopwatch, pause to pause the timer, Lap to record the completion of a lap or repetition of exercise and reset to set the stopwatch back to zero.

Sports Stopwatch and Laptime Calculator
Lap Times and Workout Statistics
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Stopwatch Calculator Basic Features

This image shows details about the online sports stopwatch and lap time formula used to calculate lap speed, lap time and totoal workout durations on the sports stopwatch and lap time Calculator by iCalculator

In addition to start, stop and reset, the stopwatch calculator allows you to record lap times by clicking lap each time you or a partner you are training with completes a lap or repetition of a timed exercise. The stopwatch calculator will automatically provide you with the following statistics.

  1. The duration of each lap
  2. The fastest lap time
  3. The average lap time
  4. The total duration of the exercise

Stopwatch Calculator Advanced Features

The Stopwatch Calculator by iCalculator is no order nary online Stopwatch calculator, the advanced features within our Stopwatch calculator provide great insight into your progress and best performance. Whether playing a sport, running laps or sprinting on the track, completing endurance exercises like the Bench position, the advanced timing statistics provide an excellent benchmark from which you can measure your success and benchmark your fitness progression in a number of sporting disciplines. The advanced stopwatch features include:

  1. Fastest lap speed (requires input of lap distance)
  2. Average lap speed (requires input of lap distance)
  3. The total distance travelled which exercising (requires input of lap distance)
  4. Your best workout (requires 2 or more workout sessions)
  5. Your total distance travelled during all workout sessions (requires 2 or more workout sessions)
  6. Your best overall training session (requires 2 or more workout sessions)
  7. Your fastest lap
  8. Your fastest speed travelled (excellent for sprint training)

You can save your workout session once complete and access your training statistics at any time. Don't forget to save your training session after every workout, this will allow you to track your performance over time and benchmark your personal success in the activity of your choice. When saving your exercise duration statistics, you can add a name for the exercise or sport you are completing. This then allows you to create several different sessions for each exercise you do or sport you partake in so you can track your progress in all training exercises from one place.

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Speed Formula

Speed = Distance / Time

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