American Football: Position to Win Calculator

American football balances Offence and Defence in one of the worlds most strategic football games. Ensuring that you have positioned your football team in their optimal position when they meet, head to head with their league opponents on the grid iron is the key metric to winning football games.

American Football: Position to Win Calculator
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American Football - A Game of Strategy

Getting the game strategy right is a tricky balance, it's not just a case of considering the 11 football players on the field, in the National Football League (NFL), a football coach has 47 players from which to plan, train and execute strategic gameplay through the game. Positioning football players to achieve the maximum team strategic layout can be complex, it's not simply a case of going with the players choice, a good football couch looks for a players natural strengths and weaknesses with a view to building on these along with their football knowledge and positional understanding to create players who know their position and role down to the fine detail. The American Football 'Position to Win' calculator is designed to assist football coaches and football players in identifying their key strengths to understand where they are best positioned in the field and/or to identify alternate positions that could be played by developing/building on key strengths and/or weaknesses.

How are players positioned in American Football?

The American Football play to win calculator can be used in two ways.

  1. You can select the football position that you would like to play in, this option illustrates the key attributes and qualities that underpin the position/role on the field. This is better suited to players who are looking to refine their strengths and weaknesses in order to play in a certain position.
  2. The second approach to using the American Football calculator is to select the individual attributes that you can see from your appraisal of a specific player. By selecting the skill set of the player, the calculator will define their optimal position. Clearly very experienced coaches will know this without a calculator but we hope it proves a useful tool for junior coaches and those looking to confirm their thinking / approach when positioning football players.

What are the attributes that make a great Footballer?

The matrix below defines the qualities that form the makeup of most footballers. As you can see, footballers come in all shapes and sizes, the key influencing attributes which contribute to positional selection are a players build, their key strengths and their offence/defence play. This is however a simplistic overview of a football players attributes. Defining the key mix of these qualities to support positional play is the key, luckily the Amercian Football player position calculator does this for you.

Whilst American Football positons include:

American Football: Offence Players

American Football: Defence Players

The American football positional qualities matrix and the American Football calculator is limited to:

If you would like to contribute the this quality matrix and refine the tool, please get in touch.

American Football Positional Qualities Matrix
Middle LinebackerQuarterbackLinemanOutside LinebackerCornerbackRunning backWide receiver
HeightShorter Than Normalxxxxxxx
Taller than Normalxxxxxxx
Weight / Age Less than 130xxxxxxx
130 - 170xxxxxxx
170 - 220xxxxxxx
220 - 250xxxxxxx
Over 250xxxxxxx
PaceVery Slowxxxxxxx
On the slower sidexxxxxxx
On the faster sidexxxxxxx
Very Fastxxxxxxx
CoordinationPoor Coordinationxxxxxxx
Average Coordinationxxxxxxx
Excelent coordinationxxxxxxx
Key StrengthAgilexxxxxxx
BuildShort / Stockyxxxxx
Average / Athleticxxxxx
Average / Strong Bulkyxxxxx
Tall / strongxxxxx
Tall / Slenderxxxxxx

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