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Welcome to the Pace Calculator ( Split Times Calculator, Sports Calculator and Running Calculator). Whether you are embarking on a new form of fitness training, or you've decided that you want to track your 'stats' better, this tool is invaluable in aiding you to a better, healthier life. Many studies have shown the great benefits of taking exercise, how it can increase your general health and increase your life expectancy. With the Pace Calculator / Split Times Calculator / Sports Calculator / Running Calculator, you will have a constructive input into managing your health and improving your stamina, by identifying goals and inputting your activity time/pace. The calculator is easy to use and only takes a few seconds to input, with the results being instantaneous, once you press the 'calculate' button. Now Go, go, go!

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Setting The Pace!

Did you know that 'elite' atheletes use 'professional pacemakers' to help them manage their performance and assist to improve their racing strategy and times? Of course, if you have lots of cash to spare and running is your sole task, then why not!

However, if you don't have the time and money to spend on a professional pacemaker, then the Pace Calculator/Split Times Calculator/Sports Calculator/Running Calculator is a brilliant tool to use! Simply put in the amount of time you have run for (or want to run) and the distance you have ran (or want to run!). The Pace Calculator instantaneously provides you with a breakdown of your pace stats.


If you run for 1 hour, put that information into the 'Time' window. If you ran 5 miles during that hour, enter '5' into the 'distance' window. Select 'miles' in the dropdown box and press the blue 'calculate' button. Immediately, you will see a breakdown of the average time it took you to run 1 mile (or kilometres if preferred). It will also show the average speed at which you ran per mile/kilometre. Using these ratios, you would have run around:

8.05 kilometres per hour or 5 miles per hour. It even gives you how many metres per minute and per second you ran!

You can use the calculator to monitor your progress over time. I.e. the less time it takes you to run the same distance, say over a four-week period, the better stamina and fitness level you are likely to have! This is great for boosting your confidence and keeping you motivated to continue improving.

Give it a go!

You can use the pace calculator to work out required duration, split times and speed requirements to help you achieve desired target times for endurance / repetition activity such as running, swimming, sailing etc

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