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When it comes to assessing performance in ice hockey, the Corsi number, named after its creator, Jim Corsi, a former NHL goalie coach, stands out as an intriguing and insightful metric. It's a powerful advanced statistic that, unlike traditional metrics, takes a comprehensive view of the game's flow and possession. This tutorial will delve into the intricacies of the Corsi calculation and how it influences the understanding of player and team performance in ice hockey.

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Intriguingly, the Corsi number found its origins not in numbers and spreadsheets, but in a desire to better understand a goalie's workload. Jim Corsi, in addition to shots that hit the net, wanted to track missed shots and blocked shots to have a more holistic view of the game. It's from this context that the Corsi number was born, and it has since grown to be one of the most respected analytics in ice hockey.

The Corsi Number: Decoding the Formula

The Corsi number is relatively straightforward to calculate. Essentially, it's the sum of shots on goal, missed shots, and blocked shots by a team or a player during even-strength play. The formula can be expressed as:

Corsi = Shots on Goaleven-strength + Missed Shotseven-strength + Blocked Shotseven-strength

This formula provides the total Corsi events generated by a team or player while on the ice at even strength.

Corsi in Real-Life Applications

Consider a hypothetical scenario: in a game, Team A had 25 shots on goal, 10 missed shots, and 15 blocked shots during even-strength play. Using the Corsi formula, Team A's Corsi number would be 25 (shots on goal) + 10 (missed shots) + 15 (blocked shots) = 50. This number represents the total offensive events generated by Team A during even-strength play.

Achievements and the Corsi Number

An excellent example of the application and importance of the Corsi number is the LA Kings team during the 2012-2014 seasons. Despite not always leading in traditional stats like goals or assists, the Kings dominated the Corsi stats, indicating their superior puck possession and offensive pressure. This translated into two Stanley Cup victories in three years, a testament to the effectiveness of strong Corsi performance.

In conclusion, the Corsi number has revolutionized the way performance is analyzed in ice hockey. By considering all shot attempts instead of only those on goal, it provides a more comprehensive view of a team's offensive output. As analytics continue to grow in importance in sports, tools like the Corsi calculator will become even more integral to understanding and appreciating the complex dynamics of games like ice hockey.

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